Rickybobby Opens Wednesday in the Lower Haight

Oh, and there's two-headed cow taxidermy over the menu board.
Oh, and there's two-headed cow taxidermy over the menu board. Photo: Andrew Dudley/Haighteration

Back in September we first heard word that Broken Record chefs James Moisey and Shane LaValley were leaving their Excelsior digs and moving their whole operation, lock, stock, and kitchen staff, to the former Rotee space at Haight and Webster. The new place is called Rickybobby, after Will Farrell’s character in Talladega Nights, and the inspiration for the name came one day after they’d already batted around a bunch of names that were too lame or cutesy, and the movie happened to be playing in the bar. As Moisey tells Haighteration, “Instead of giving the restaurant a name, we gave it a nickname.” Now they’re getting set to softly open Wednesday, December 12 for dinner starting at 5:30 p.m., with table service (unlike at Broken Record), but it’s BYOB until the beer and wine license arrives. We’ll have some more menu details and more for you shortly, but suffice it to say, the food will be the exact same dude food they were doing at Broken Record (Texas toast, lobster mac and cheese, bacon burger, steak), and then some. [Haighteration, Earlier] Update: Here’s a slideshow, with menu.

Rickybobby - 400 Haight Street at Webster - Opening December 12, 5:30 p.m. until midnight-ish