Rich Guy Sues Wine Storage Facility Flooded by Sandy

Not poppin' bottles.
Not poppin' bottles. Photo: SIME/Bartuccio Antonino/Corbis

A local real estate investor, Philip “Tod” Waterman III, is suing a Chelsea wine storage facility for refusing him post-Sandy access to his $300,000 collection of 198 rare cases. WineCare Storage was flooded during the storm, but the company managed to save “at least” 95 percent of its precious cargo by moving the cases to higher floors. And a member of the one percent is still pissed. WineCare explained to Waterman that it’s been a “slow and difficult process” getting everything back in order, and that the bottles won’t return to cellars until it’s safe. But Waterman, who has paid $44,000 in storage fees since 2006, is going to keep on whining all the way to court. [NYDN]