Ray Kurzweil Says Go Ahead and Gorge on Those Cool Ranch Doritos All You Want

It's nacho cheese, he says. It's all his.
It's nacho cheese, he says. It's all his. Photo: Sean Mathis/Getty Images

Inventor Ray Kurzweil started work as director of engineering at Google earlier this week, so BGR surveys and interprets some of the predictions that Kurzweil, who is also a prominent futurist, made in his 2005 book, The Singularity Is Near. “By the late 2020s,” the site suggests, interpreting Kurzweil’s theories, nanobots will roam our GI tracts, dropping off nutrients and degreasing all that saturated fat leftover “from eating 20 bags of Doritos every day.”

Even if that seems too far-fetched, it’s really great timing, especially because someone now thinks that beer-and-bacon-battered deep-fried Doritos are a good idea. In other news, a newly released report says the U.K. market for food-producing robots is set to grow by 3.4 percent by 2016. Singularity or no singularity, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before nanobots start taking care of your Yelp reviews for you, too.

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