Questlove Misses Hoagies and Tastykakes

?uestlove Photo: EUGENE MIM/Patrick McMullan

Though he spent more time in New York than in his hometown in 2012, Philadelphia’s favorite son, Amhir ?uestlove Thompson still pines for the 215. The Roots drummer and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon band leader told that since going fulltime in the Big Apple back in March, he misses long, late-night drives on Broad Street, his colossal record collection, and his weekly DJ gigs at Fluid. But like any other person born and raised in Philly, what Brother Question misses most are the hoagies and Tastykakes. He goes so far as asking rhetorically, “do you know how hard it is finding Tastykake krimpets up here?” Don’t worry Quest, with Twinkies out of the picture, it’s going to get a lot easier, real soon. []

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