People. People Who Read About Food People. Are the Luckiest People…

Abra Berens
Abra Berens Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

The Reader’s annual People issue, which is to say, not an issue about Kate Middleton and Rihanna but one about interesting people who do interesting things, somewhat out of the immediate limelight in Chicago, is out. And we’re happy to learn more about three people we’re aware of on the local scene through interacting with chefs, but could certainly stand to learn more about. One is Martin Kastner, the Czech-born designer who creates innovative silverware and serving pieces for Grant Achatz’s restaurants, including the famous “porthole” for The Aviary.

Another is Abra Berens, who has been a cook in kitchens like Vie and Floriole, but is also a purveyor from a farm she co-owns, Bare Knuckle Farm, in upstate Michigan. And the third is another purveyor, Dave Odd, a former comedian who made a name as an intrepid forager (he’s supplied a number of Key Ingredient subjects with their ingredient) but, as the article points out, is evolving into an actual farmer (it’s like the dawn of civilization all over again!). [Reader]