Former NHL Players Busted For Fracas at Laguna Beach Jack-in-the-Box

Kepe your damned hands off my seasoned curly fries, eh?
Kepe your damned hands off my seasoned curly fries, eh? Photo: Pointnshoot/Flickr

Two former NHL hockey stars were arrested last Friday after starting a fight at Jack in the Box in Laguna Beach. In further proof that you can take the brawlers off of the ice, but you can’t take the psychopathic impulses out of the brawler, one-time Anaheim Duck Jean Francois Jomphe and former Toronto Maple Leaf Rich Costello hit the restaurant’s drive-in via taxi, cutting off a carload of of younger diners. One of the offended responded with a hand-gesture that lead Costello to smash the car’s window, cutting a passenger’s faces, before throwing an errant punch and kick at a man who tried to intervene. Both athletes were arrested and booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and vandalism. Now, we hate to say we’ve warned you already about fast-food transforming people into raging monsters, particularly at 1:00 A.M. in the morning, but well, we totally did.

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