Here’s Where to Eat Before and After New Year’s, and Also What to Drink

Be like Jay Gatsby at the Arlington Club.
Be like Jay Gatsby at the Arlington Club. Photo: Melissa Hom

Is it too early to start drinking? For New Year’s, probably yes it is, but here’s a handy recipe guide to all kinds of cocktails and toddies you’ll want to be making at home come January 1, from Num Pang’s restorative Ginger Apple Cider to Dutch Kills’ falernum-based “Horse Tonic,” which’ll allegedly get you through any industrial-size (or smaller) hangover. If you’re feeling festive and carb-depleted, there’s also the Cereal Milk Punch recipe from PDT. Finally, if you’re hungry, here’s a guide to December 31 dinner options with a list of places to score brunch the morning after — that is, if you’re up for going out. It’s all part of New York’s New Year’s Guide. [NYM]