It’s Narwhal vs. Narwhal for Start-up Brooklyn Brewers

5.4 percent ABV, 100 percent lethal
5.4 percent ABV, 100 percent lethal Photo: Dave Fleetham/Corbis

Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford planned to start making beer in Bushwick under the name Narwhal Brewery, which they registered as an LLC in April of 2011, but soon found out that Sierra Nevada also had designs on that good cetacean name. The seventh-largest beer manufacturer trademarked and released its malty Narwhal Imperial Stout earlier this year, and Lee tells the Brooklyn Paper that while the California-based brewery initially told him they’d retire the name after the stout sold out, more Sierra Nevada Narwhal seems imminent. Though Lee and Stafford don’t own the trademark, they want to sit down, share a few beers with the competition, and see if they can work this whole thing out, narwhal to narwhal. [Brooklyn Paper]