Park Slope’s Moutarde Looks to Be Closed for Good [Updated]

Good-bye, croque-monsieur.
Good-bye, croque-monsieur. Photo: Robert K. Chin

The old French bistro at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Carroll Street is locked, and its windows are papered over, Here’s Park Slope reports. Moutarde was a neighborhood favorite when it opened more than ten years ago. After some health department issues, the restaurant closed in 2010 for a few months but eventually reopened with a fresh coat of paint and a retooled concept. This time last year, however, the restaurant announced it would open just three days a week. In March, Moutarde’s owners put the place on the market while also trying to keep the clientele coming, but it seems like they were just unable to ketchup. Update 12/27/12: Moutarde’s owners have posted a sign saying the restaurant is once again under renovation. [HPS]