A Jazz Lounge and More on Franck LeClerc’s Empire Building

Claudine Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Claude Lane’s Franck LeClerc has released more details about his upcoming projects to Eater. First, he’ll be closing his gallery between Café Claude and Claudine and plans to replace it with a 1100-square-foot extension of Cafe Claude. The new space will house a lounge area and bar where a jazz quartet will play 5 nights a week until midnight. LeClerc hopes to have this open sometime next May or June.

He’s also moving ahead with the takeover of the Hecho space on Sutter Street. Bocadillos architect Elmer Lin and Chambers Eat + Drink designer Charles Doell will create a French brasserie look with an upstairs bar inspired by the one at Wayfare Tavern. Finally, he’s putting most of his attention towards the Hecho space and will slow down on his Marina project for the time being. [Eater, Earlier]