Mo Better Meatty Meat Burgers Back in Business

The new Mo Better Burgers on La Brea
The new Mo Better Burgers on La Brea Photo: Mo Better Burgers

Here’s news a lot of burger fanatics have been waiting fo. Mo Better Meatty Meat Burgers, an object of L.A. obsession that re-launched from the older Meatty Meat Burgers and was torn off of Pico and Fairfax (where Walgreen’s now sits) in 1998, has returned to the Mid-City neighborhood. Through talk on Chowhound and L.A. Foodie, it appears that Eve Fouche (the original founder’s daughter and and tone of the forces behind Indulge Cafe) and Tami Bennet, owners of this cult burger stand, recently revived their still-whispered-about concept on LaBrea in the former home of Greece’s.

The relaunched restaurant is now called simply “Mo Better Burgers,” losing a bite of the clunky, redundant name that made it so fun to reference in the first place. Regardless, the burgers, made from a blend of chuck and short rib, along with tacos, eggs, and oven-baked, specially seasoned fries are back, with the owners committed to organic beef, chicken, and turkey, plus non-GMO produce, leading one Yelper to suggest the burgers have become mo better as a result.

Mo Better Burgers, 901 S. La Brea Ave. Mid-City; 323-939-0242.