It’s a Magazine! It’s a Recipe Box! It’s Middlewest, Coming Next Year


Did you know that digital is the future? Did you know that all print is dying and everything will be digital soon? Did you know digital digital digital DIGITALLLLLL!!! Yeah, yeah, digital is the future for many things, but old media rarely go away entirely— they just find new ways to exploit their unique advantages, and that’s certainly the case with a new, you might say artisanal-small-producer, magazine in the works for early next year called Middlewest, from a couple of Time Out Chicago veterans, food editor David Tamarkin and frequent photographer Erica Gannett, along with the design firm Sonnezimmer. The content will focus on food of the midwest, but because it’s recipe-focused, it will come in a form that, as Tamarkin notes, is “easier to cook from than magazines (or your phone)”— it will be printed on 6x9 card stock, unbound, so you can simply lay a recipe out in front of you as you cook. Right now the probably-biannual publication is a Kickstarter project, where a pledge of at least $18 gets you the first issue. Tamarkin explains its origins and intentions in a video at Kickstarter; check it out here.