Should a Few Dim Sum Dumplings Cost $20? Like Ever?

M.Y. China's truffle-studded pork dim sum
M.Y. China's truffle-studded pork dim sum Photo: Tamara Palmer/SFoodie

You should have noted by now the openings of two high-end Chinese spots in the downtown vicinity: Hakkasan, which originated in the U.K., and M.Y. China, which is TV chef Martin Yan’s first U.S. restaurant. The two restaurants debuted within days of each other in early December, and though Hakkasan is decidedly swankier (the buildout, which with solid woods, cost a reported $7 million), they have a fair amount in common in their attempts to serve more dressed up and expensive versions of Cantonese cuisine to a town accustomed to keeping it cheap and cheery in Chinatown and the Richmond/Sunset. SFoodie’s Tamara Palmer, a resident of the Sunset, pays a visit to M.Y. China to decide for herself if their $18 plate of five dim sum dumplings (they’re pork dumplings studded with black truffle) is worth the price. She sounds only mildly impressed, and concludes, “They’re worth trying once as a fun splurge.” Meanwhile at Hakkasan, they have a steamed dim sum platter that will run you $26. We can’t yet give you an informed opinion of them ourselves, but the early consensus amongst Yelpers is that this particular dish is worth the price, and both the chive and duck dumplings get repeated high praise, as does the siu mai. [SFoodie, Yelp]