Last Call at The King Eddy Saloon, Closing December 16

The Edward Hotel, home to King Eddy Saloon
The Edward Hotel, home to King Eddy Saloon Photo: King Eddy/Facebook

Alas, the reign of King Eddy is drawing to a close in Downtown. We rode our steeds in for a wee dram after Friday’s “Taste of Mexico” event only to encounter the expected gallery of Skid Row hangers-on with enough spare change for a drink, jousting with our neighbors as they lamented The Edward Hotel’s approaching loss and feared for the possibility of high-priced drinks and a tailored ambiance under new owner Michael Leko. Truly the end of an era, we thought we heard some tranny cough behind the plexi-glass smoking chamber. L.A. Downtown News reports that the two-week warning is being sounded for the King’s closure, with the final date of service December 16. Until then, current owner Dustin Croik is holding a “Drink Eddy’s Dry” going-out-of-business, all-day happy hour. On the final night of service, he will auction off the bar’s decor, piece-by-piece. Just be careful what you bring home.

King Eddy Saloon to Close Dec. 16, Patrons Get Two-Week Notice [LADTN]