Langer’s Teams Up With Fed-Ex To Ship Its Pastrami Overnight Across the Country

The deli even has its own packaging
The deli even has its own packaging Photo: Langer's/Facebook

Instead of arguing yourself blue in the face over the superiority of Langer’s slow-steamed pastrami to Katz’s own, you can now send your East Coast arch-nemesis a sandwich direct from the MacArthur Park delicatessen. Squid Ink reports that FedEx is now teamed up with Langer’s to deliver vacuum-sealed pastrami and rye to just about any U.S. destination overnight via airmail, though it will cost you $22 per pound with a minimum two-pound order, with a $5.50* charge for per loaf of rye. And though you’re on your own when it comes to toppings, an additional package with Philippe’s hot mustard would make for a surefire sticking stuffer.

Langer’s Pastrami Delivery: From L.A. to You [SI]

*This post has been corrected as earlier we wrote that the rye bread was priced at $550 per loaf. Sorry, we slipped!