L.A. Weekly Recommends ‘100 Favorite Dishes’

In the beginning...there was Lukshon's Dan Dan noodles
In the beginning...there was Lukshon's Dan Dan noodlesPhoto: Hadley Tomicki

L.A. Weekly hits the finish line today on its inspired list of “100 Favorite Dishes” in L.A., a long look at some of the city’s strongest recipes. Beginning with Lukshon’s tongue-stunning dan dan mian and ending on Spago’s veal mignon tartare, the epic tone takes on the expected (Langer’s pastrami, Dodger Dogs, Apple Pan’s Hickoryburger), the revelations (L&E;’s pickled watermelon salad, cauliflower t-bone at Superba), and the dearly departed (squash blossom quesadillas at Antojitos Carmen). A grand review of classics and greats-in-the-making, it’s time to start your engines, as the attached Google Map edition stretches from Sun Valley to Artesia. [LAW]