L.A. Times Reminds Us Wahoo’s Was the First Asian-Hipster Restaurant

Photo: Wahoo's

In an inspirational column, Los Angeles Times featured Mr. Wing Lam, co-found of the Wahoo’s fish taco chain. Recalling the original menu, the piece mentions Wahoo’s Brazilian style red rice, grilled instead of fried Baja tacos, and Asian terriyaki bowls. In other words, Wahoo’s was the first cool fusion hipster Asian-Mexican restaurant. A Chinese-Brazilian purchasing agent turned fish taco slinger? Lam was the definition of hip. While Wahoo’s no longer intrigues Los Angeles without the help of a co-branded marketing campaign, it is clear that food trends, just like fashion, also repeat every twenty years.

Wahoo’s Fish Taco founder rides a wave of success [LAT]