Kevin Meehan’s Kali Dining ISO Westside Brick-And-Mortar

Meehan's smoked bison testicle salami
Meehan's smoked bison testicle salami Photo: Kali Dining

Kevin Meehan, the New York native that left Downtown’s Pinot Bistro to begin a roving dinner party called Kali Dining, reaches out to Facebook fans to reveal his search for a Westside brick-and-mortar to turn Kali into a more permanent destination. Meehan says he is still in the strategic and fund-raising stages for what will be a “small, intimate” space, seeking out interested parties who may want to lend a hand. Kali Dining will, in the meantime, be back in mid-January to continue Meehan’s innovative, ingredient-driven dinner party series that encourages guest interaction. Whether or not such tempting morsels as the bison ball salami the chef recently posted about will appear again is anyone’s guess. You may just have to wait til that becomes the next big thing around here.