John’s of Bleecker Closed by the DOH, Lucali Closer to Reopening

Lucali's Mark Iacono.
Lucali's Mark Iacono. Photo: Melissa Hom

Per Robert Sietsema, the health department shut down John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker for currently undisclosed health code violations (the most recent inspection isn’t on the official DOH site, but a November 15 inspection turned up unwashed food surfaces, flies, and the ever-unpopular “Cold food item held above 41º F.”) But when God turns off one New York pizza oven, he evidently fires up another: Eater hears that Lucali, recently closed for renovations, was up and running last night for what they’re dubbing a “soft reopening,” which is great, if unexpected, news considering Lucali owner Mark Iacono said in November that the pizzeria could be closed for much, much longer. [Fork in the Road/VV, Eater NY]