Iyanzé Food Truck Stolen; $1000 Reward Offered

Watch for this truck.
Watch for this truck. Photo: courtesy Iyanze via Facebook

With all the food truck stories we’ve had, the one we haven’t had until now has been someone stealing a food truck. But now it’s happened, unfortunately, to Iyanzé, a West African restaurant in Uptown, who are offering a $1000 reward for information leading to its recovery (call 911 or 312-498-0779). Like the trucks of several African restaurants, it’s the old school construction-site-sandwich type, not a big van type (which is probably too conspicuous to steal anyway), but while cupcake trucks and the like have gotten all the media attention in recent years, African trucks bringing native foods to workers downtown have been an important yet unsung aspect of our food scene (one rare example of coverage is here at Serious Eats Chicago) and, like all food trucks, an important point of entry into entrepreneurship for (in this case) West Africans in Chicago. [Facebook via Eater]