It’s a Dessert Superstar Mashup Thing at Trenchermen, January 3

Trencherpersons. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Some critics have knocked The Trenchermen for not having a dedicated pastry chef. (We are not among them.) You want pastry chefs, on January 3 they’re going to be full of pastry chefs— six of them to be precise, from all over the globe. The first three we know— Dana Cree of our own Blackbird, Christina Tosi of the fanatic following at Momofuku Milk Bar in New York, and Rosio Sanchez of the world-acclaimed Noma in Copenhagen. Who are the other three? Each of them will bring along an up-and-comer they admire, to be announced later. The event is called Killing Me Sweetly, honoring women in the industry, and each duo will collaborate on a savory and sweet course. There will be an entree by Mike and Pat Sheerin of The Trenchermen, pairings by master sommelier Alpana Singh, and cocktails by Jenny Kessler of Masa Azul— but let’s face it, you’re already thinking about this because six pastry chefs means at least three desserts. It’s at 6:30 p.m., it’s $100 with a charity benefit to be named later… call 773-661-1540 to get your reservation.