Inca Gourmet Offers a Ceviche Alternative

Inca's Celfio Goni
Inca's Celfio Goni Photo: Inca Gourmet

There was a noticeable displeasure regarding the recent Peruvian-style ceviche events taking place all over town. Some voiced concerns regarding the price of entry, some decried the “pretentious” renditions of a food they’ve grown up eating. Spirits buyer Ron Pascual decided to provide his own write-in candidate for the most venerable Peruvian ceviche bar in L.A.: Inca Gourmet. On this he writes: “Inca Gourmet has been in business for about 14 years. And if there is something it keeps bringing me back to this place is the food made with love and the freshest ceviche you can possibly find.” “For $9.99 on weekends and for $6.99 weekdays you can’t go wrong eating there.” Finally, paraphrasing Inca’s chef Celfio Goni, Pascual says: “Starting with ceviche and making your way all the way through the stews is a wonderful experience. That’s the reason I come on my day off here to have a dose of vitamin P.” By “P”, we believe chef Goni is talking about about Peru? Write in your favorite pre-historic pre-hype ceviche bars below!

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