David Lentz’s Dad Selling Exorbitant Egg-Nog at Hungry Cat

Big Dave Lentz
Big Dave Lentz Photo: Hungry Cat

Earlier this week, David Lentz, chef and owner at Hungry Cat and husband to Suzanne Goin, told Squid Ink about the “secret eggnog recipe” his dad, Big Dave, makes every year for Christmas. Given the journalistic integrity of the blog in question, we doubt it was a straight product placement, but nonetheless, today Hungry Cat’s reps announce that this very eggnog is now being sold at all three locations of the seafood restaurant. No one will reveal what’s in Big Dave’s secret blend (sort of a requirement, we think, when drinking another man’s nog), but at $38 a bottle, it’s clearly not from the Farmland team. Does it give us hope that Big Dave looks like a blend of Papa Hemingway and Santa? Kind of. IN any case, Hungry Cat tells us both alcoholic blends and hooch-free versions are available, with a $5 discount on the next batch when returning the bottle.