Hirsch Enjoys the Tasty Ethiopian Fare at Rasselas; Bauer Bummed Out by Some of His Top 100

Photo: Kirk Weddle

The Examiner’s Jesse Hirsch ventures to the quieter side of Fillmore Street with this week’s review of Rasselas a “now-dwindling music destination” where you should “eat while you groove.” The traditional Ethiopian classics “brooked no complaints,” but some of the “cross culture mashups” of “Africanized bar food” flounder. He liked the tibs wat and sambusas, but didn’t care for the fish sliders which reminded him of Fishwich or the drunken chicken that was “a tough, goopy little number.” [Examiner]

Over on Scoop, Michael Bauer declares it a “disappointing week for dining.” He hit up some of his top 100 restaurants and “found them slightly lacking.” However, he did stumble upon “one of the best versions of steamed clams,” at The Trident in Sausalito. [Scoop]