The Hermosillo Starts Serving Fried Peppers, Bao, and Frito Pie

Fried pickles and jalapeños with buttermilk ranch
Fried pickles and jalapeños with buttermilk ranch Photo: The Hermosillo

El Hermosillo, Highland Park’s old dive that was converted into a wine and beer bar by Bar Covell and L&E; Oyster Bar owner Dustin Lancaster back in April, is now serving a short menu of bar-friendly foods, replacing the local trucks that would sometimes collaborate with the joint. Zagat reveals a selection that includes frito pie with pepitas and the option of pulled pork, kale salad with pomegranates, fried pickles and peppers with the annoying use of the word “cukes,” sweet sausage, steamed bao, and the obligatory plate of Brussel’s sprouts with farm house cheddar, among the limited options. The new dishes come from former L&E; Oyster Bar pastry chef Deborah Gorman, founder of New York’s Gourmet Sorbet. [Zagat]