Help The Greater Chicago Food Depository In a Really 2012 Way


If the perfect country song has mama, getting drunk, prison and trucks in it, per Professor D. A. Coe, the perfect foodie charity idea for 2012 has to involve the holidays, the homeless, guilt, your cell phone, a phone app and social media. And here it is, and we admire both its ingenuity and its fidelity to the moment. You pledge an amount to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Then, every time you check in to a restaurant on Facebook or Foursquare, a portion of that amount is disbursed to the Food Depository, so that the guilt you feel indulging in a foeigras-wich with condor fat fries and truffle shake is immediately expiated by knowing you’ve done something good. Anyway, it’s called Eat Out Check In, it should do a lot of good and even keep hunger on the mind like we were all just told to, and you can do it all right here. Watch their video below. [via Chicagoist]