Gyoro Gyoro Goes for Giant Expansion Plans

Sake in Encino
Sake in Encino Photo: Gyoro Gyoro

In a classic go move, RAMLA USA, subsidiary of Ramla Restaurant Group Japan, is surrounding its Japanese restaurant opponents by completely avoiding Los Angeles and the South Bay. Despite headquartering in Gardena, Ramla opened Oto Oto in Monrovia and West Covina, with Gyoro Gyoro as the second brand to come out of the group. The first Gyoro Gyoro, an izakaya with at least three branches in Tokyo, will open February 2013 in Encino. Where else is it opening?

The drinking house is being designed by Sandra Costa who previously worked on various Wokanos. How big are Gyoro Gyoro’s plans? Palm Springs is due to open June 2013. Downtown, August 2013, with 150 planned throughout the USA. History thought the War of Three Kingdoms was big, but the Kula Sojibo Gatten Ramla Battle has barely begun. [GS]