Grimaldi’s vs. Juliana’s Pizza War Extends to Coal-Oven Claim

Just open already, Juliana's.
Just open already, Juliana's. Photo: David Leventi

The ongoing battle between 71-year-old Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli and 81-year-old Juliana’s owner Patsy Grimaldi in Dumbo has an entirely unshocking new twist: Ciolli’s architect has written a letter to the Department of Buildings alleging that the still under-construction Juliana’s installed a new coal oven, which is all shades of pepperoni-illegal. Although many pizza experts claim coal ovens produce the finest crust and hottest pies, their use is heavily regulated by the city because of the emissions produced by burnt fossil fuels. “Given the scrutiny that my filing for such an installation at another location underwent,” the Post quotes Robert Scarano’s complaint letter to city officials as saying, “I feel that it is my fiduciary obligation to bring this troubling and possibly life threatening issues to your attention.” [NYP, Earlier]