Here Are All of the Prescription Drugs You Can’t Take With Grapefruit

Not so innocent.
Not so innocent.Photo: Wikimedia

Antidepressants, migraine busters, blood thinners, and statins are among the list of 85 prescription drugs whose effects can be modified if ingested with grapefruit, which has recently been the target of an unstoppable train of citrus-hate. Researchers and physicians are reporting a growing number of interactions between medicine and grapefruit, some of which have been fatal. Blood pressure meds and juice almost killed one patient, while birth control pills and a grapefruit a day caused one woman to develop a “very serious clot” that almost claimed her leg. “The reason we published it as a case report was because it was so uncommon,” the doctor who published that leg-clot case study tells Well. “We need to be careful not to exaggerate this.” The list of drugs that are affected by grapefruit is here. [Well/NYT, Earlier]