In Case You Were Thinking of Hating on Grapefruit

Give the grapefruit givré a chance.
Give the grapefruit givré a chance. Photo: Bill Milne

Don’t. The citrus fruit was attacked by Katy Waldman at Slate and redeemed promptly by Dan Amira at Daily Intel. It’s been through a lot today, and if, like three or four other Americans out there, you are in the mood to malign grapefruit and you have a Sharpie and are drawing a line with you on one side and grapefruit on the other as we speak, don’t do it! Go uptown and order the grapefruit givré at Boulud Sud, which tastes great and shines so bright that no photograph of it ever actually turns out. Just don’t throw what you and grapefruit have away. Spritz it, squeeze it, freeze and fork it. Follow the recipe, or just caress it. It doesn’t judge. [Daily Intel, Earlier]