Crepe Expectations: Forthcoming South Philly Sweets Shop Previewing Its Wares at Christmas Village

One of Global Crepes' crepes.
One of Global Crepes' crepes. Photo: Passyunk Post

There’s still some work to be completed, and inspections to be passed before Global Crepes and Local Shakes can open its doors to the public, but that’s hardly stopping Liza Iezzi, the owner of the forthcoming South Philly spot, from previewing her wares. While things continue to come together at the corner of 9th and Sears (a block south of Pat’s King of Steaks), she’s setting up shop at the Christmas Village set up in Love Park, according to Passyunk Post. Working under the moniker of Liza’s Crepes and Waffles, Iezzi’s serving baked waffles topped with Nutella, whipped cream, bananas, caramel, as well as a handful of different sweet and savory crepes from the interim location until December 24. Global Crepes and Local Shakes is looking to January 2013 for an opening. [Passyunk Post]