Iconic Glaser’s Bake Shop Closed by Health Department

Herb Glaser will reopen the bakery after Christmas.
Herb Glaser will reopen the bakery after Christmas. Photo: Jed Egan

The 100-year-old Yorkville bakery Glaser’s was shut down on Friday afternoon after a routine Health Department inspection returned critical violations, including evidence of mice and workers using bare hands to serve ready-to-eat foods. Glaser’s is famous for its black-and-white cookies, and it should be pointed out that at least one aspect of the way this story is being reported is not so black and white: The Post invokes rats in its URL for the story, and the Daily News reports that rat droppings were found on the premises, but this is not part of the Health Department inspector’s report. Regardless, owner Herb Glaser says he is working to reopen as quickly as possible, but that won’t be until after Christmas. “This is our busiest time of the year,” his nephew Tom tells the Post, “and our food is going to waste!” [NYP, NYDN]