Which Baller Chef Will Step Up to This One-Pound White Truffle?

Send your kids to college or make some nice risotto. Your choice. Photo: John Magazino

You've probably noticed that there haven't been too many giant white truffles on the giant-white-truffle shelf at your local supermarket as of late. It's been something of a low stock season, so the arrival of this one-pounder, which was unearthed yesterday in Piemonte and just cleared customs at JFK, may be worth your while, especially if jumbo truffles are your thing. Bring home and shave it over a salad of bitter lettuces and old cheese, why don't you? At $4,000, it's a bargain — you may remember Sirio Maccioni shelled out $7,000 for something similar five years ago. Interested parties should contact John Magazino at Baldor Specialty Foods. Buy it, and this holiday season, you make it snow. [Related]