Gefilteria Tests Kosher Cocktails, Gefilte Terrines

Gefilte? I hardly know 'er.
Gefilte? I hardly know 'er. Photo: Erika Velazquez

Culture Desk turns its attention to the bright young food tinkerers from Gefilteria, the “pushcart start-up” that makes artisanal versions of traditional Jewish foods. Founders Liz Alpern, Jeffrey Yoskowitz, and Jacqueline Lilinshtein have been toiling away on the recipe for a tricolor gefilte fish terrine, which they’ll serve at the James Beard Foundation Passover Seder next year. Kvass-based cocktail recipes are also under development, and because they need to be kosher, Bloody Marys may become Bloody Miriams, and the speakeasy standby Sidecar will become the Pushcart, a shout-out to the old-world LES. [Culture Desk/New Yorker, Earlier]