Weight Lost: Number of Obese Kids Dropping in Some Cities

Still fat, but not quite as fat as before.
Still fat, but not quite as fat as before. Photo: iStockphoto

American kids are still getting way too fat — and still in alarming numbers, too. But there is some promising news: They aren’t getting quite as tubby as they were a few years ago. The New York Times reports that between 2007 and 2011, the number of obese children dropped 5.5 percent in New York, 5 percent in Philadelphia, and 3 percent in Los Angeles. Researchers were so surprised by the drop in obesity rates that they first questioned the accuracy of the numbers. What’s more, they’re not sure what’s behind the downtick. But surely far-reaching and multifaceted efforts, like those in play in Philly to rid schools of sugary drinks and fatty foods while educating kids about portion sizes and exercise, appear to be helping. [NYT, Earlier]