End of Year Closings: Park 52, Hop Haus

Photo: courtesy Park 52

We don’t expect a lot to be happening during this in-between week, but one thing that will happen is a few places closing down before the end of the year so that landlords can get somebody new in. That’s the case with, first, Park 52, the once-heralded upscale dining spot in Hyde Park. When it opened in 2008, it held out hopes that Hyde Park might finally have a hot dining scene, as a collaboration between Hyde Park restaurateur Marc Brooks and then king-of-dining-glitz Jerry Kleiner (Marché, Carnivale). (Dig the way overdone c. 2008 website.) That never really happened (Kleiner was bought out soon after) but Park 52, if not a destination for diners from other parts of the city, did steady business and was generally liked for upscale American comfort food. But earlier this month, it announced a closing party for January 9. Hope springs eternal for Hyde Park, though, with new projects on the way from the Longman & Eagle team and Matthias Merges. [Crain’s]

Meanwhile, downtown, a landlord seeing his chance and taking it spells the end of River North beer-focused eatery Hop Haus, which was owned by Leona’s. The report is that the co-owner of the building, Cedar Street Co., has found a national chain who will pay several times more per month for the location, and bought out the restaurant to close it. One major attraction: a 5 a.m. liquor license. [Chicago Real Estate Daily]