Eagle Rock Brewery to Host White Christmas Party with Hot Knives

Beer and cheese
Beer and cheese Photo: Hot Knives

On December 13, vegan catering specialist (and cookbook authors) Hot Knives will join forces with Eagle Rock Brewery to hold a White Christmas Party. Of note, by “white”, Eagle Rock Brewery actually means wheat and white beers, so put back those white linen pants and matching Car Shoes immediately For those who have never experienced a beer and cheese pairing by Hot Knives, these tastings can be rather satisfying, with the cheeses serving as protein main, accompanied by vegan accoutrements. Menu and beer details below.


Beers: German salt beer, a hometown hero, a Quebec strong ale, Bruery’s White Chocolate; and an some IPA…

Cheese: “a tit-shaped goat goo”, mixed-milk butter bomb, mountain tack, Eagle Rock’s Alpine doppelganger, and a blue stinker named after a revolutionary war supply line.

Thursday, December 13 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.
Eagle Rock Brewery 3056 Roswell St. Los Angeles
$29 per person