Novak Djokovic Does Not Actually Own Any Precious Donkey Cheese

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Until next time. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Last week, we were told that Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic had purchased the entire world’s supply of rare Pule cheese, which costs $1,350 per kilogram and is only made from the milk of donkeys that live within the Zasavica reserve in Serbia. Djokovic, it was reported, would serve small portions of the precious cheese at his restaurants. None of this is true, however, reports William Grimes at the Times. The tennis pro received a sample, but no deals had been made at press time, so a Daily Mail reporter ended up filing an exaggerated report. The kerfuffle has now introduced donkey cheese to a much larger potential market, however, and somewhere, a newly rich donkey farmer is laughing, probably like an ass. [NYT, Earlier]