Tommy Lasorda Handing Out 300 Free Hams Tonight

From Ultra Slim Fast to free swine
From Ultra Slim Fast to free swine Photo: MikeLAchance816/Flickr

Former Dodgers manager and past Ultra Slim Fast pitchman Tommy Lasorda will join Big Blue Wrecking Crew vets like Bobby Castillo, “Sweet” Lou Johnson, and Paul “Not Quite As Sweet” Lo Duca tonight for a giveaway of 300 free hams at the Dodger Stadium parking lot tonight from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. Lasorda will be partnered with his old friends from Farmer John, as well as Ralph’s, City Council big-wigs like Eric Garcetti, and several Echo Park community organizations to help families in need with some holiday pork and all the appropriate fixings. [MLB]