Directors Guild of America Has Party at West Village Gun Club, Nixes Guns

Rollatini only. No guns.
Rollatini only. No guns. Photo: Tiro e Segno

The Directors Guild of America held its New York office party last night at the members-only Tiro e Segno on MacDougal Street in the West Village. The 124-year-old social club serves food and alcohol, but it also has a shooting range in its basement, where guests are typically invited to fire off a few pre-dessert rounds (it’s a favorite of chef Mario Carbone, who told us the club has strict rules). The idea of a bunch of movie types having a party and shooting guns isn’t an image the organization wanted to promulgate less than a week after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. “Out of sensitivity to the tragedy in Newtown,” a source from the organization told Deadline Hollywood, adding that the event was booked in October, “no one will be using the range.” [Deadline, Related]