Del Rossi’s Recruits Geno’s Steaks Vet

Yo, you want dat Whiz wit?
Yo, you want dat Whiz wit? Photo: JSPatchwork via Flickr

Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co., the NoLibs upstart whose owners see it as a potential competitor in the Pats v. Geno’s sandwich standoff, is one step closer to realizing that bold vision. Michael and David Frank, the brothers behind Del Rossi’s, announced today that they’ve recruited Nicky “Slice” (no last name given), a veteran who served on the front lines of the great cheesesteak war for more than 25 years while stationed at the flattop behind the glass at Geno’s. With a seasoned pro like him on the grill, slinging steaks and slapping Whiz, the Frank brothers say their still new operation is now a bona fide cheesesteak force to be reckoned with.

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