Crook Lifts High Tech Hoagie-Ordering Apparatus From Ardmore Wawa

Leave the ordering machine, take the hoagie!
Leave the ordering machine, take the hoagie! Photo: Mike Persico

Looks like Mitt Romney isn’t the only person preoccupied with those “touch tone keypads” folks use to order their subs hoagies at Wawa. Seems one bold crook was so taken by the sandwich order placement device at Wawa’s Ardmore outpost, that he decided to take it with him on his way out. NBC Philly reports that police are on lookout for an unidentified man who walked into the convenience store shortly before midnight one night last week, casually disconnected the machine, stuck it under his shirt, and walked out. The computer terminal’s value is $1,600, but aside from facilitating turkey gobbler orders for late-night drunks looking for a hoagie fix, there’s no real practical application for the purloined apparatus. [NBC Philly]

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