Colicchio’s People Force Noe Valley Bar Crafthouse to Take ‘Craft’ Out of Their Name

The new awning.
The new awning. Photo: Noe Valley SF

Well this is odd… Despite his only having the one ’wichcraft outpost in San Francisco, Tom Colicchio’s legal team caught wind of the fact that a bar was opening in Noe Valley called Crafthouse (3853 24th Street), and sent them a cease and desist letter. Apparently no one, anywhere, in the food service industry can use the word ‘craft’ in their name lest it be confused with Colicchio’s Craft empire. The as yet unopened bar, therefore, has changed its name to Caskhouse, as Noe Valley SF reports. “We were familiar with the company using ‘craft’ but didn’t think our neighborhood bar would be an issue,” says partner John Dampeer. “Live and learn, I guess!” [Noe Valley SF, Earlier]