Charlie Trotter Says Everything Must Go!

Eat your Chinese takeout Charlie Trotter style.
Eat your Chinese takeout Charlie Trotter style. Photo: courtesy Auction Consultants

Hey, those rumors that Charlie Trotter might keep his restaurant together and reopen it someday? They are so not true. Whatever else he might do in this life, it won’t be reopening the same place, because the wine’s being sold by Christie’s and now all the other stuff that went into running a restaurant is being sold off by Auction Consultant/Bunte Auction Service. And it is everything, from fancy china to the spooky-cool photographs that decorated Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home to the kind of sliding-top opening freezer you see in 7/11s. Trotter seems to have been unsentimental about what he’s getting rid of, and there’s more than a few things you might find surprising he wouldn’t hang on to (a signed bottle of Schramsberg for his 20th anniversary, a menu from Girardet where he got his start), but his unsentimentality is your chance to get the deal of a lifetime, we guess. The catalog is apparently still being prepared for the December 12th auction, but you can see much of it here— or take advantage of the preview on December 11 to walk through the space and check out his stuff one last (or first) time. Hey look, a kid’s sled….

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