Downtown’s Grand Central Market Getting Yuppified

Grand Central Market

Big changes are coming to Downtown’s Grand Central Market, the nearly 100-year-old Broadway arcade that’s currently home to over 30 food vendors. With the help of consultants, owner Adele Yellin plans to retain as many of the existing stalls "as possible," while making room for new, bouzier enterprises. So far, Thai restaurant Soi 7 is the first to be announced, with a project called Sticky Rice. In addition, the Times tells us the market will embrace businesses selling fresh foods, including produce, beer, sushi, charcuterie, and cheeses in its basement, with a helpful hand from the designer of San Francisco’s Ferry Building. First, the place will get a good scrubbing-down, to be followed by the implementation of an outdoor seating area, wi-fi, and power outlets for that guy in the clunky glasses to write his Great American Novel aside a $3.95 cup of coffee. Already Jonathan Gold is warning the developers, "If they touch Roast-To-Go, I will be down there with a machete." Stay tuned to see if he connects when the market reopens this fall. [LAT]