It’s the End of the Line For Carman’s Country Kitchen

The days are numbered.
The days are numbered. Photo: uwishunu

The sad news that Carman’s Country Kitchen, the kooky and kitschy South Philly mainstay, was vacating the corner of 11th and Wharton streets to make way for a forthcoming pizza joint came back in September. Sadder, owner Carman Luntzel, who’s been holding it down there since Twin Peaks first aired on TV, is calling it quits once her lease is up. And that date is now fast approaching. In today’s Daily News Lauren McCutcheon writes that Carman, her dog outside that will bite you if you try to pet it (just as the sign states), and all her dirty dick-knacks that adorn the tiny breakfast and lunch spot will clear out on Sunday, December 16. Luntzel’s reportedly going into retirement, and there’s no word on when her successor will open for business. [Daily News]

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