Now We Have to Worry About Something Called Brominated Vegetable Oil Too?

Soccer moms are going to be pissed.

Surprise: Soda isn't good for your body. And here's another thing to add to the shit-list against soft drinks: brominated vegetable oil, which is in Gatorade. The ingredient's purpose is to keep the fruit flavor evenly distributed, but it contains bromine, a potentially dangerous element. Though it's been used since the thirties, studies have linked bromine to brain, fertility, and thyroid problems as well as early-onset puberty (especially terrifying since Gatorades the drink of choice for Little Leagues everywhere). According to the Times, the FDA hasn't reviewed this additive since 1977 because of a policy loophole, and even then, the ruling was dependent on additional studies and intended to be interim. Now a precocious 15-year-old's leading a petition against the oil. Because it's in 10 percent of drinks sold in the U.S. including Mountain Dew and Fanta Orange this could mean some of your favorite sodas are endangered (maybe this is a Bloomberg push piece). First, a possible ban on rare burgers, and now soft drinks: Its only a matter of time before someone tries to outlaw fries. [NYT]