Let the Top Ten Lists Begin: Virginia Miller Rounds Up Her Best New Restaurants; Anna Roth Reviews YakiniQ

Virginia Miller
Virginia Miller Photo: via Twitter

Not surprisingly, numbers two and three on Virginia Miller’s roundup of the ten best new restaurants of the year are State Bird Provisions and Rich Table, which have both been pretty universally loved in the critical sphere this year (and deservedly so). Her number one: AQ, which technically opened in 2011, but we’ll let that slide. Miller also sings the praises of The Ice Cream Bar, Plaj, and Saru Sushi Bar. [SFBG]

And over at the Weekly, Anna Roth checks out YakiniQ in Japantown, a raucous, late-night, all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue spot with K-pop on the screens and all kinds of weekend craziness. The place does not have the most attentive servers, she reports, and you’re left pretty much on your own cooking your sliced meats — also, the tabletop grills are actually griddles, and this disappoints. Not knowing when to take the squid or the tongue off the heat, she ends up overcooking her food, and this also disappoints. She recommends the pork neck, though, and the kalbi, and spicy pork belly. [SF Weekly]