Lonestar Taco Selling ‘Besitos’ to Help La Newyorkina Rebuild

Muchos besitos.
Muchos besitos. Photo: Courtesy of Robyn Lee

A number of commissary spaces were knocked out of commission by the storm, among them La Newyorkina’s production kitchen in Red Hook, which owner Fany Gerson graciously makes available to small-batch food producers. Chronic do-gooder Wayne Surber of Lonestar Taco wanted to help bring Gerson’s kitchen back up to speed, so he’s adapted her recipe for besitos, a typically sweet treat, from her book My Sweet Mexico, adding cayenne and pasilla pepper to spice things up, and he’s selling besitos by the dozen for $15 to benefit La Newyorkina. Details are here. [Lonestar Taco]