Beard Papa Overtaking Palms’ Guelaguetza Space

Future home of Beard Papa in Palms
Future home of Beard Papa in Palms Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Much to the heart-break of Palms, the Westside arm of Guelaguetza went packing over two years ago, only to have owners tease the region with the prospect of Mitla, the most exciting Oaxacan menu west of Crenshaw, until alas, those plans were also dashed. Now after two years of waiting, hoping, and daring to dream for a sufficient booby prize of some sort, we learn that Beard Papa, the Japanese cream puff specialist, is taking over the stand-alone space. The chain currently has existing locations on Sawtelle and Hollywood Boulevard, and has plans to make interior and exterior upgrades to its newest outpost. Sure, it’s not exactly as adventurous as turkey barbacoa and grasshopper tostadas, but still, green tea Paris-Brest and grapefruit jelly surely beat another pink 7-11 donut any day of the week.

Beard Papa, 11127 Palms Blvd. Palms.